He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the

righteous shall flourish as a branch.  Pr. 11:28

Trinity Bookkeeping Services, offering accounting help for all of your small business needs.

He leadeth me beside still waters Ps. 23:2

Success is not the destination, it's the journey.

Watching over your interests as if they were our own.

As a Business Owner, you already know that the IRS requires you to maintain adequate records.  You also know that you cannot manage what you cannot count.  A business that lacks adequate accounting is akin to an owner “driving blindfolded”.

Let Trinity partner with you to make sure your focus remains squarely on running your business.

You will also:

  • Reduce STRESS/WORRY  – Have confidence that tasks are performed correctly.
  • Save TIME – Focusing your efforts to more productive/profitable functions, improve profits/sales, take better care of existing customers, and attract new customers.
  • Improve EFFICIENCY – Unfamiliarity with tasks makes them take longer to perform, that robs you of your precious time.
  • Pursue OPPORTUNITIES – With timely reporting you can identify profitable services, products, and customers.
  • Reduce COSTS – Reports allow you to identify where cost-cutting may be available.
  • Reduce THREATS/EMBARRASSMENT – Trinity will help you stay on top of deadlines and avoid late fees or miss discounts that threaten your bottom line.
  • Avoid UNDESIRABLE TASKS – If accounting is not in your comfort zone, you may postpone performing important tasks and before you know it, you're way behind.